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            Opinion ??

            • Cause of France-US dispute runs deeper

              The decision by France to recall its ambassador from Washington marked the biggest shock to U.S.-France relations in decades. But there seems to be other reasons bubbling under the surface in addition to the anger over the sub deal.

            • US must drop zero-sum mentality about China

              U.S. trade representative Katherine Tai's recent speech has sent signals that Washington is willing for dialogue with Beijing. But before that, the U.S. has to drop its zero-sum mentality and establish a dialogue which balances the realities of the two countries.

            People ??

            US treasury secretary hopes Congress will approve global corporate tax deal

            U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Sunday that she hoped U.S. Congress would approve a key pillar of the global corporate tax deal agreed by some 136 countries and jurisdictions.

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