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            Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. China.org.cn now offers the following feeds in the RSS format. These feeds include headlines, summaries and links back to China.org.cn for the full article. The feeds are free of charge to use for individuals and non-profit organizations for non-commercial use.

            Top News http://www.casatur.com/rss/1185842.xml
            China http://www.casatur.com/rss/1201719.xml
            World http://www.casatur.com/rss/1201720.xml
            Business http://www.casatur.com/rss/1216549.xml
            Environment http://www.casatur.com/rss/1201726.xml
            Arts http://www.casatur.com/rss/7043803.xml
            Sports http://www.casatur.com/rss/1214465.xml
            Travel http://www.casatur.com/rss/1201734.xml
            Opinion http://www.casatur.com/rss/1201724.xml
            Photos http://www.casatur.com/rss/7078421.xml
            Video http://www.casatur.com/rss/7078406.xml
            Bilingual News (雙語新聞) http://www.casatur.com/rss/7078423.xml
            How to access RSS feeds

            You can install a news reader that displays RSS feeds from the Web sites you select, enabling you to view hundreds of headlines at once. After installing the news reader, you can add each feed manually from the Web site by clicking on the "Subscribe" or the "XML" orange button next to the feed. To get started, download a news reader. Here are some popular options:

            Terms of service:
            By using our web feeds, you are deemed to have accepted the China.org.cn terms and conditions of use.

            Right to discontinue feeds:
            China.org.cn reserves the right to discontinue providing any or all of the RSS feeds at any time and to require you to stop displaying, distributing or otherwise using any or all of the RSS feeds for any reason including, without limitation, your violation of any provision of these Terms of Use.